Friday, November 2, 2012


For the first time, the girls did not go to town for trick or treating with us.  They had volleyball practice at school and decided to just go to Grammie's house and snack on the goodies she had for her "trick or treaters" (which consists of only us). 
Life was so busy this October with all the football games and volleyball games, plus everything else in between, that we didn't even carve pumpkins.  I did buy them, just no time for carving.  I'll turn them into pumpkin pie or bread or something yummy anyway.
Trick or treating for country kids like ours takes a little more planning.  First of all, we had to dive into the costume box for past costumes.  Walmart (both Clovis and Portales) had next to nothing for costumes this year.  By the time I realized this, it was too late to order something.  Drew really wanted to be Thor.  But settled for Megatron instead.  Chance was a little easier.  He did the same thing this year as last year: wore his football uniform and pads.  The helmet got too hot though, so halfway through Jeff had to carry it. 
Next we have to find a neighborhood.  Because where we are there is no door-to-door.  Jeff's parents live "next door", but that's still a mile and a half down the road.  Luckily, we have some awesome friends in town that don't mind if we invade their neighborhood.  They have the good chocolate, too!
One house we went to had alot of fun with the holiday.  These two stormtroopers looked like the real thing.  They stood so still, we thought they were fakes, then we got right up close to them and they would move.  Scared the crap out of us!  Awesome!  They were Chance's favorite, since he's on the Dark Side anyway.  haha!
Chance and Drew with members of the Empire
After three streets, Drew kept complaining "Are we done yet?".  He was give out.  So it was back to the car and drove to Grammie and Grandaddy's for popcorn balls. 

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Buck Pennington said...

I saw this back in October but didn't comment.

I'm here today to wish all y'all a very Merry Christmas, Jenny.