Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding pictures--stuff

The previous post was people at the wedding.  But I wanted to post about the non-people items, too.

 The head table/buffet area


Head table

 The wedding cake, complete with little Somi!
The Wedding dinner menu

 Photos of the Bride and Groom and families, from their childhood to courtship, hung above a table.

Among the photos was a tribute to mine and Brian's Gram, along with picture of her and Granddaddy.  We were both very close to her.

 Sign welcoming the guests to the wedding.

Guests didn't leave empty handed with this bags of muffins.  Bad picture, but the mason jars
held sparklers for the bride and grooms send-off (instead of bird seed or rice).
My Grandaddy's old shoeshine box allowed the guests to place well wishes to the couple.  The box will be opened on their one year anniversary and they can read all the messages then.

One of the many bouquets that adorned the tables.  Hydrangeas tied with twine and fastened with a brooch.


Liss Moon said...

That cake topper is priceless!

Buck said...

You have a beautiful family, Jenny. I sure could use some of that Suthin' Cookin' you went on about, too. Reminds me of the ol' family home in Atlanta, it does. (My Mom was born and raised there.)