Friday, April 27, 2012

Driveby, April 2012

Oh my!  My lack of posting is horrible!  But there is so much going on, I seldom get to turn on my computer at home.  I've literally gone weeks without starting it up.  There is just no time!

So, here's what's been going on.

  • Puppies   In January, our golden retriever, Scarlett, surprised us with a litter of puppies.  Unknown who the daddy is, but judging by the pups, something large and black.  She had NINE of the little darlings.  5 girls, 4 boys (or was it the other way around?), and two were black, two very light tan, the rest a bit darker.  Some had slick fur, some very fuzzy fur.  When they were old enough we (the kids and I) loaded them up and sat for three days in front of the local Walmarts (that's plural, not redneck.  The one in Pville and the one in Clovis).  And managed to get rid of all but three.  Of these, we are keeping two (a boy and girl that we fell in love with).  And still have one that needs a good home.  She's black and fuzzy and so sweet!  Hit me up if you would like her!
  • Sports     My last post showed that basketball was just getting started (or should have been anyway).  Well, it's come and gone.  We are at the end of track season for the girls, district meet is tomorrow, Shelby hopes to qualify for State.  And this week the boys have had their first baseball games.  State cheer was fun, although we didn't place.  I was very proud of the girls for not dropping any stunts or making any huge mistakes.  We know what to work on for next year.  My Mom, Wayne and Aunt Jan got to come out for it and spend a few short days with us at home.
  • School   We are quickly approaching the end of the school year!  May is promising to be a CRAZY month with baseball games, end of the year awards and banquets for the kids, etc.  I've got to finish up the yearbook, work on three different slideshows, bug seniors to get their pictures to me ASAP!  It's literally so crazy, I would just love an entire day to work at school with none of the kids (mine or other peoples) to disturb me, with the school's high speed internet.  Because what we have here at the house won't let me do squat.  But then I can't stand a day away from the family, so it goes.
  • weather   It's been dry.  And hot for spring.  The wheat headed out sooner than expected, the grass is already up in most parts of my yard.  I'm working on putting in a few plants and more trees this year.  We didn't have a very wet winter, although we had more than last year (which isn't saying much).  A couple inches of rain would do wonders for so many farmers here.
  • Poop   Ah, yes.  There is always poop.  Jeff is in the works of getting a manure trailer and will be in the poop hauling business.  And it looks like there is alot of it.  He's also breaking out some CRP land that wasn't renewed this year, so he'll be farming more, too.  Good, he needs something to stay out of trouble, right?  LOL!
  • A new driver    Well, almost.  In exactly two weeks from today, Shelby will head down to the DMV and get her learners permit.  Jeff got her a truck this winter.  A 1979 Ford Supercab pickup.  It's just two wheel drive, but she loves it already.  I can't believe my baby will be 15.
  • the other kids   they are all fine.  Shelby is about 5'10" tall now.  She used to hate it when people said, wow, you're tall!  Now I think she enjoys it, especially when she is standing next to my 5'7" frame.  Chance's foot is the same size as mine, which saved me some money this year when I didn't have to buy him baseball cleats.  He can just wear mine!  LOL!  Ch'ree is fixing to hit a growth spurt as well.  And Drew, well, he's just as cute as a button!
  • Cancer   Cancer sucks.  No, no one in our immediate family has it.  But we lost two teachers within 10 days of each other to it.  When your school only has 50 or less total staff members, and just 229 kids, it takes a toll.  Mrs. Lang was our music teacher who also taught history and creative writing, and was also Shelby's class sponsor.  And Mrs. Ashley was our reading specialist.  Last fall our football coach also lost his wife.  so it's been a rough year for our school family.
There tons more going on.  Like, I want to start exercising but can't find the time or energy for it.  Yes, I realize I could have gotten in part of a workout instead of typing this post.  But then it would have been another 6 months before I posted here.  Or I could be cleaning the house which is in disarray.  I still haven't found the balance to keeping the house clean with four children and a full time job.  School will be out soon enough (4 week!  Or 16 days!), and maybe then I can get the house and exercise done.  But until then, I'm lucky to keep my head above water.  Or the mountain of laundry.  :o)

So, until summer, have a wonderful spring!  Maybe soon I can post some pictures!


Liss Moon said...

yay! an update! good to hear you are alive and doing well. wish i could come take your last puppy off your hands ;)

Debbie said...

Hi Jenny
Good to hear how you are all getting along

Honey (remember me??) x

Jenny said...

Of course I remember you! Lol! Are you enjoying all the Olympics over there? We've been watching and my girls and I have decided someday we are definitely going to the UK!